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Guess what Ladies and Gents- Blue Sky Mining Backpackers Lodge can now be found on most  social media platforms. 

We are on Facebook, Instagram and .... Twitter,

So now no matter what media platform you are on you can find us.

To all our surfers out there and everyone who seems to just love swimming whether or not you are in a pool or not here  is a little something for you.

 When you come to Blue Sky Mining Backpackers Lodge and whether or not you are staying in our accommodation, ask us to show you the shop, we have T-shirts, wet suits, surfboards and plenty more where that came from. so never hesitate to ask us about the shop because we'd love to show you.  Another thing is that most of you when you come to stay by us don't realize that you can book a shark cage dive and many other exciting and relaxing adventures with us, such as anything and everything from whale and dolphin watching to sky diving, so during your stay if you are thinking of doing some fun activity and you have no idea where or how to book all you do is speak to us up and see what we offer and we can take care of the rest.

Come and join us to have a lovely meal with you and a loved one here with us.

the special is a lovely meal for 2 with drinks and desert included, unfortunately since there is limited spacing you will have to book in advance before Valentines Day

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