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Stay Safe

Hi Everyone, 

Here at Blue Sky Mining we hope that all of you out there are staying safe and taking all the precautions necessary to make sure you do not have\get the Coronavirus, such as continuously washing your hands, wiping surfaces such as counter tops, door\window handles and light switches clean and if you have a compromised or weak immune system rather self-isolate or some be in form of quarantine.

If you must leave the house for any reason at all and you are in self-quarantine, take any precaution needed such as wearing gloves or a mask and wipe products clean that you get from the shop. Rather do to much than too little to keep you and your family safe and if you aren't feeling good, go to the doctor get it checked out even if you think it is nothing safe be safe than sorry.

We hope that you all stay safe and don't take the new rules from the government lightly as they are to keep us safe from the Coronavirus


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