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Work gives life it's substance.  The name B.S.M was derived from the song, by legendary band, MIDNIGHT OIL, called "Blue Sky Mine" (1990)


"If I work all day on the blue sky mine, there'll be food on the table tonight.... there'll be pay in your pocket tonight...."





05/03/1998 purchase of property:

No 5 Nelson Palmer Rd.

The first time featured in Coast to Coast was in 2004/2005 issue.

Coconut trees were planted and the business licence was also obtained in 2005.

Upper accomodation level and view deck constructed.

01/11/2007 purchase of property next door, No 6 Dowling Rd. Started immediate accomodation from the 1st of November 2007.

October 2013 adjoining property No 4 Dowling Rd was purchased as camping ground.







* B.S.M is built mostly out of recycled repurposed materials, uniquely constructed and designed.  Mostly run on solar paneling or battery and gas.

* Self consistent with a borehole, sprouting spring water, which is then 100% "LEKKE".

* A Vegetable garden to supply fresh, tasty, organically grown food, with no use of pesticides.

* All fire wood is naturally sourced and collected from the local area.



There are many different kinds of gold.........

Black Gold - Oil

Yellow Gold

Blue Gold - Sky



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@ Blue Sky Mining


Bats & Balls         -         R20 per day

Surfboards          -         R100 half day

                      -         R150 full day

Boogie Boards       -         R100 half day

                      -         R150 full day

Bicycles             -         R100 half day

                      -         R150 full day

Fishing Rods         -         R60 per day

Goggles & Snorkel   -         R40 per day

Surf Lessons        -         R300 per hour


Also available:


Horse Riding        -         R450 / R500

Scuba Diving        -         R599 excl. gear

Cage Shark Diving      -         R1150 incl. gear

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Anything on the menu will be available to cater for functions as well as theses delicious alternative options:


Beef Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                                  R90

Chicken Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                              R85

Seafood Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                             R120

Chicken Ala’King                                                            R65

Macaroni and Cheese                                                       R55

Spaghetti Bolognaise                                                        R60

Cottage Pie                                                                  R60

Bobotie and Rice                                                            R70

Roast Chicken / Lamb / Pork / Beef                                       R85

Served with Roast Potatoes, Butternut, Creamy Spinach and Gravy

Braai Pack (Steak, Wors & Chicken)                                                              R80

Side optional extras:                                                       

Pap & Gravy           /        Greek Salad & Roll           /        Potato Salad         R40



Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:  031  916 7007

Cell:  076 177 0516

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-    In Pursuit of a Brighter Tomorrow -



All accommodation (except DIY camping site) is serviced on a daily basis by housekeeping. Linen are provided for in all rooms.

As from February 2016 Blue Sky Mining no longer provides guest towels “free of charge” due to economic and operational reasons – however a towel rental service is available to your convenience.

In the event of an EMERGENCY and/or URGENT ASSISTANCE BEING REQUIRED at NIGHT please call 076 177 0516!



Arrival: 2.00 pm                                                                                   Departure:  10.00 am  

Please note that valid ID, passport or driver’s licence will be required on arrival.


RECEPTION & TRAVEL DESK               

The reception is open from 7.00am to 16.00pm daily. Please do not hesitate to contact the reception staff within business hours if you need to get some information on the surrounding areas, activities such as surfing, fishing, scuba diving, horse-riding, the Baz Bus, car rentals, overland tours and more!    

Please inform reception if you require any transport service and we will happily contact local shuttle service companies that offer a reliable, safe and reasonably priced shuttle service within the area. Blue Sky Mining does not recommend to use local minibus taxis and/or the train for safety reasons!


 Enjoy a hearty breakfast, scrumptious lunch or traditional Indian Durban style curries in our subtropical garden being surrounded by magnificent coconut & banana trees. We also offer a wide range of beverages (hot and cold)! Please place your meal order in advance to avoid disappointment.


Therefore NO ALCOHOL can be consumed in the common areas and/or rooms unless purchased from the onsite bar.

Good news for all the wine lovers: A corkage fee of R 45.00 p. wine bottle applies!

 INTERNET & WI-FI                                 

FREE 50mbps Fibre is available to all in-house guests and daily visitors. 


Unfortunately, Blue Sky Mining does not offer any in-house laundry service at present. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused. Blue Sky Mining’s washing machines are to be used by staff only. However, ironing is available at @R 3.00 p. item.

Please make use of the Ocean Blue Laundromat or other local laundromats within the area as no PERSONAL WASHING is to be done on the premises. The shop is located along the main road – a stroll away (next to Kwik Spar) – Open 7 days a week! Please do not hang towels and/or wet beach clothing onto the railing, burglar guards, etc. – Use washing lines instead.


We do regret as no other pets are allowed on the premises in respect of Blue Sky Mining’s pets and other visitors! Please DO NOT FEED Blue Sky Mining’s pets and/or free-roaming monkeys!


Please note that we are a NON-SMOKING establishment. Smoking is permitted outdoors only within 5m distance of dining-lounge/veranda as well as accommodation. SMOKING in the ROOM or UNIT will result in the guests forfeiting the key/breakages deposits paid. In the event of non-compliance, guests will be asked to vacate the premises.


 Whilst day visitors are very welcome please note that they are only permitted to stay on the premises within business hours.

Any person not adhering to this rule will be removed from the premises without prior warning being given.

In the event of wanting to accommodate an extra guest, he/she needs to be registered at the reception and full payment of the room should be made before moving into the room/s.

LOSS & BREAKAGES                            

We will not be liable for any lost or stolen goods. A safe is available in the office to keep valuables. Any breakages and/or damages will be charged for accordingly. Kindly note that a key/breakages deposit of R 300.00 per key/room will be due on arrival (deposit is payable in cash only as refundable upon departure).


We also have a variety of local crafts, books, odds and sods that are for sale.

Surfboards, Kayaks, Bicycles, Beach Games, Fishing Rods, etc. can be hired on a daily basis. Please ask at reception for more information. Surf boards and boogie boards are available for hire. (excl. rash vest/wetsuit).



1.       Please keep quiet from 8pm to 8am – in respect of early risers, permanent residence and neighbors.

Whilst occupying and using the premises and communal areas please do not disturb/offend guests or residents.

                Any disruptive guests will be asked to vacate the premises with full forfeiture of rent and deposits.


2.       NO LOUD MUSIC is to be played at all times – Use Blue Sky Mining’s entertainment area instead!


     3.       NO FIRES are to be made on wooden deck and/or close to wooden features.

                FIREWORKS are not be used AT ALL TIMES!


4.       GUESTS are asked to maintain a neat and clean environment when using communal areas such as lounge, self-catering kitchenette, swimming-pool, pool-room, etc.

ADDITIONAL CLEANING CHARGES will apply in the event of leaving communal areas in excessively dirty and sandy conditions.

                SELF-CATERING GUESTS are required to clean up after themselves at all times.


5.       Off-street parking in designated areas is available to Blue Sky Mining customers only. Please note that parking is at your own risk. Please do not BLOCK the driveway and/or other vehicles at all times. Furthermore, CARS ARE NOT TO BE WASHED on the premises whatsoever. Please use nearby car wash companies instead.


6.     All electrical appliances, lights and air cons are to be turned off when not in use and/or whenever you leave the room/unit.

We hope you have a great time & enjoy your stay to the fullest.

The Blue Sky Mining Team

6 Dowling Lane– 4126 - Warner Beach – Durban – KwaZulu Natal

Tel.: 031 916 7007 / 5394

Cell: 083 713 9896 / 076 177 0516

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: www.blueskymining.co.za