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Anything on the menu will be available to cater for functions as well as theses delicious alternative options:


Beef Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                                  R90

Chicken Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                              R85

Seafood Potjie (with rice and salad)                                                             R120

Chicken Ala’King                                                            R65

Macaroni and Cheese                                                       R55

Spaghetti Bolognaise                                                        R60

Cottage Pie                                                                  R60

Bobotie and Rice                                                            R70

Roast Chicken / Lamb / Pork / Beef                                       R85

Served with Roast Potatoes, Butternut, Creamy Spinach and Gravy

Braai Pack (Steak, Wors & Chicken)                                                              R80

Side optional extras:                                                       

Pap & Gravy           /        Greek Salad & Roll           /        Potato Salad         R40



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Tel:  031  916 7007

Cell:  076 177 0516

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